Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Running

Since this blog will primarily be about my running.  And my kids.  And food.  Ok, getting off track again already.  Here's the rundown of my running history.  I have been running since I can remember.  Mostly during soccer.  My junior year of high school I started running track along with playing soccer.  My coach threw me into the 800 meter, mostly because he didn't know what else to do with me.  Turned out I was pretty decent at it, so it stuck.  I also threw javelin and did pole vault.  I was mediocre at best (although I did clear 7'6" while pole vaulting.)  I had a love/hate relationship with the 800.  It was a tough race.  You couldn't quite sprint the entire way, but you hate to give it your all.  The best I ever ran was a 2:32.  Hey not too shabby.  After that I ran for pleasure and to keep in shape.  The first race I ran after that was during my second pregnancy.  I had run during my first but no races.  I ran a 5k when I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter Cori.  I finished in 26 minutes and change.  When I was 7 months pregnant I ran the last 4 miles of the Boston Marathon with my (soon to be) sister and law, Amanda(blue shirt is me)

That is when I knew I wanted to run an important race.  I felt so proud of her at the end, it was amazing.  So since then I had my daughter(July 2009) and I have run two half marathons.  The Boston Run to Remember in 1:48:15(May 2010) and the Portland Maine Half Marathon in 1:37:01.(October 2010)  I was so proud after that second race, and now I want more.  So here it is, My goals: 

-Run the Race to Remember this May in sub 1:35
-Run my first full marathon in Portland, Maine in October
-Qualify for(and run) the Boston Marathon

So here we go...encourage me, share your goals, share your motivation, and tell me you best training tricks!!!

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  1. Hey there! You're the first NH blogger I know, too! Thanks for finding me! I'm running a half in Rye NH in May - its the first year they're doing it but I'm excited because that area is so beautiful.

    You have a gorgeous family!!