Sunday, May 15, 2011

Driveway 7-miler

Yup, I ran 7 miles IN MY DRIVEWAY.  Sounds crazy doesn't it?  Well it kind of is.  But, let me explain before you think I'm totally insane.  I swapped around the days of my training runs last week, and when Friday rolled around there was just no chance I was making it to my the track.  So, I say to Shawn "how long is the driveway?"  Answer, "probably about 100m, measure it out."  So, I head out ready to run at nap time and measure out my driveway.  It is almost exactly 100m (I can hardly guestimate an inch, so the fact that he was so close on his "guess" amazes me) from the end to halfway across the street.  Don't worry, not many cars drive on my road, so it was totally ok for me to run in the street millions of times.  I started with a 2-mile warm-up, in case you were wondering this was 32 times up and down the driveway.  I'm really glad the neighbors weren't home to see how crazy I am.  The 2 miles was pretty boring, but I had on my ipod so it went by fast enough.  Then the tough part began, the plan was 4x800 at a 3:08 pace.  I made it through the first 2 at a 3:09 and 3:08 pace.  I start the 3rd and decide to stop at 300m.  I NEED a bathroom break.  I am thankful I am at home.  So I come back out and run another 500m to make up.  My times are still good.  Then Devin wakes up from her nap.  I get her to come out with me and tell her that I have one more set and a cool down.  I just wanted to stop because she was up, and then I thought to myself, if I quit what kind of an example am I setting?  She believes in me so much, it makes me feel guilty to give nothing but my best.  Its funny, but its true.  So I did that last 800m and I did in in my fastest time, 3:06.  Mind over matter.  After a mile of my 2 mile cool down Shawn got home, so I "escaped" and ran the 1/4m hill by my house twice for my final mile of cool-down.  8 miles done, 7 of them in the driveway!

I'm not gonna lie. Its been a tough week for me.  I had a bad run on Wednesday.  I didn't feel good, lots of things factored in.(but I'm not going to give you my excuses)  I was supposed to run 6 miles @ 7:20/mile pace.  I managed the first 3(after my 1 mile warm-up) at a 7:20 pace, but it didn't feel good.  The second set of 3 miles ended up at around a 7:25/mile pace.  I stopped a few times, I had to catch my breathe and will myself to keep going.  I had lots of negative thoughts.  I started to wonder how I could ever run a race at a 7:10-7:12/mile pace if I can't even manage 6 miles at that pace in training.  This train of though continued through my next couple days.  It hasn't been helping.  I've gotten more and more nervous about my upcoming race and the goal I have set for myself. Coach Tara told me she was "glad" I had a run like this.  What?!? And I quote: "But at least you know that on your worst day, you’ll still run a 7:20-25 pace which nothing to scoff at…and that’s on your worst day…so your best day……. J see what I mean? " You know what?  She's right, thats not half bad.  And it keeps me in check.  I have to adjust my attitude.  And what better time to adjust than now, before I'm telling myself I CAN'T do it during my race.  I CAN do it.  It's not been easy to adjust.  I've been a negative nancy this past week, but I'm working on it.  And today's run felt good.  It wasn't super fast, but it was 11 miles and it felt good.  I'll take it.  And this week I'll work on my attitude.  :)

How do you handle negative thoughts during a run or during training? 
I'd love some tips to help me keep positive thoughts, especially during my race!


  1. whoo!! Great job! That had to be mentally tough to run around the driveway 8 billion times. :)

  2. I'm so impressed that you ran 7 miles in your driveway! That just sounds incredible to me! And you are quite a speed demon! Love all the pictures of your kids. They're darling!

  3. First of all I give you tons of credit for the 7 miles in your driveway! I've run a bunch of small loops before to create a long run, but nothing like that. And so impressive that you kept running after your daughter was awake - I probably would have quit.

    I think you kind of answered your own question in this post - you have the motivation and determination to run up and down your driveway hundreds of times, and then the motivation to stick with it and set a good example for your daughter. That proves that you're an incredibly hard worker and you won't let any obstacles stand in your way. The next time you start to doubt yourself, think about how much you've accomplished and get rid of those negative thoughts!

  4. you are SOOO AWESOME to conquer that in your driveway, i would have lost my cool for sure lol. but i hate tracks as well.

    i've been struggling with negative thoughts too, but i just try to focus on how awesome i'm going to do at my upcoming race.. or think about other things going on in my life and how awesome i feel when i run (even when i'm not feelin' that great doing it.)

  5. Thank you everyone! Your comments and support really mean a lot to me!!!!! :)