Thursday, October 31, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I've seen a lot of "Three Things Thursday" posts floating around and since I don't have much time for a post this morning here are mine.


I made these cute little clementine "pumpkins" & banana "ghosts" to send with my daughter for her school Halloween party today, thank you Pinterest! Don't worry they will also be decorating sugar cookies I made some pumpkin spice frosting to go with those too. A little healthy treat thrown in on such a sugar filled day isn't such a bad idea though!

2. I am so sore today. Apparently I slacked off more than I thought with the strength training during marathon training! Tuesday I did this workout with my barbell:

30 Overhead lunges
10 burpees
30 spidey push-up
10 burpees
30 thrusters
10 burpees
30 plank toe taps
10 burpees
50 high knees
10 burpees
30 deadlifts
10 burpees
30 weighted squats
10 burpees
30 scissor abs

I adapted this workout from one I had found online a while ago, but it was so long ago I have no idea where or I would share it. I usually do 50 of each exercise and add in box jumps too, but since my knee has been bothering me I tried to tone it down a bit to be sure the pain wouldn't come back. So far so good! I also did a bodyweight workout yesterday that included jump squats, jump lunges, plank jacks, & push-ups. I'm going to try a run again Saturday. Fingers crossed for no pain!

3. I don't really like candy. Gasp, I know its crazy right?! But, aside from dark chocolate I am just not a sweets person. I don't really eat cake, cookies, etc. either. Put a bag of salty tortilla chips in front of me with some salsa/guac and I'll eat the whole bag though!

Are you a sweets or salty person? Making any Halloween treats?

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