Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flexibility Not Failure

Wow, a whole week without blogging!  Don't worry I've still been trying to keep up with the blogs I read, but haven't had time for my own post.  Over the weekend the girls and I went to visit my family in Maine, we had a great visit. My soon to be sis in law Amanda and I got to spend a ton of time together and we brought the girls dress shopping with us, and got them to try a bunch of super cute flower girl dresses, they looked adorable and are going to be the cutest flower girls EVER!!  Devin also got to go on a little Toys R Us shopping spree with her gift cards from her birthday (Thanks Grandpa Jamie!)  She even shared and bought Cori a new Dora lounge chair (along with herself).  Here's Cori lounging away:

I learned something really important in regards to my training over the past week.  I must be FLEXIBLE.  Life is going to get in the way, that does not mean I failed.  No matter what I just need to find a way to switch things around or make up for it.  As you know last week was my first week of training for my next half marathon, and I was really excited to get started.  I had run my 8 miles on Sunday, Monday was a XT day and I did a bodyrock workout, and Tuesday was my first tempo run.  Well during the day on Tuesday it became apparent I was not going to get in my tempo run.  It rained all day (and I couldn't take the girls out, nevermind that is going to be hard to do a tempo run at the correct pace with a jogger, something else I will need to adjust) and then Shawn had to work on his truck when he got home from work.  This left me with a very slim window to run, with no way to fit in 5 miles. This left me feeling like I was failing already.  I was down on myself about it for much of the day.  It was my first scheduled training run and I was already going to miss it?!?!  After a while I realized that this thinking was getting me no where except stressed out, its not the end of the world that I couldn't get in a scheduled run, why not just switch around a couple of days? So I decided to just run one of my two easy 3-4 mile runs of the week and run my tempo run on one of those days.  And this worked out just fine.  I ended up getting in my tempo run on Saturday.  I also had to switch around my Thursday and Friday workouts, but I still got it done.  The only dissapointment of the week was that I came up few miles short on my long run, and there was nothing I could do about it.  Since I was visiting family I had to do it on the treadmill and Cori was exhausted after the busy weekend and she wanted me, we tried a bunch of times to distract her, but in the end I just had to stop early.  It stinks, but not much to be done and it doesn't make me a failure.  I will be following my training plan as closely as I can, because I really want to succeed in meeting my goal for the race. (And not to mention the amazing Tara put a lot time into creating it for me)  But negative thoughts will bring negative results.  Life is always going to get in the way during training, exercising, etc., feeling sorry for yourself is not going to help that.  You just need to find a solution and a way to fit it in, and remember to be flexible.  If you miss a day, don't give up, just pick it up tomorrow.

Saturday after my 5 mile tempo run (1 mile warm-up, 2 3/4 miles @ 7:13, 1/4 mile @ 6:30, 3/4 mile cool down, 1/4@ 6:30) the girls each wanted to "run" on the treadmill.  It was really funny, and I love it that they already want to run like mama.  :)

On the agenda today:

New Bodyrock Workout:

  • Ninja Jump-5 reps

  • Elevated Bridge Leg Lift-10 reps on each legs

  • Dynamic Push Ups-5 reps

  • One Arm One Leg Bridge-20 reps total

  • One Leg Burpee-5 reps on each leg

  •  Repeat 5x, for time.

    4-mile run with 8x100 meter strides, it will be done with my two little ladies in the jogging stroller.  Whats on your agenda for today?

    I'm going to try a new recipe for Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Protein Bars (thanks Jen!) today, I'll post the recipe later and let ya know how they turn out!  Have a great Tuesday!!! :)


    1. Yeah Erin!! Ninja jumps! Perfect! Take pics!

      Your girls are adorable!! Getting them going barefoot already eh?!

      Burpees are killer and you are going to do the 1-legged! Video perhaps? I wanna see what that looks like!

    2. Erin you are SPEEDY!! Amazing. I love your comment about needing to be flexible. I struggle with that sometimes. I am really disappointed with myself when I don't get my workouts in like I plan, and i mentally feel like I have failed. BUT then we always just have to remember what is REALLY important it's not how far we run or how many calories we burn. It's all about people and our relationships, and our awesome healthy bods and killer workouts are an AMAZING bonus! I hope your week is great! xoxoxo megs