Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Long" Run & Sunday Funday

It's just super sad to me when my "long" run is 3 miles.  But, I'm still trying to figure out my knee issue & have been running only once a week for the past 4 weeks(since marathon Sunday).  Each weekend I'm hopeful things have changed, but as of now they just haven't.  I'm stubborn, but not dumb and this pain is not just a little nagging muscle issue.  I'm not real sure WHAT it is, and if I can't fix it through rest/stretching/icing/foam rolling I will go see a specialist, but I'm trying all that first.

Here are some photos from Sunday Funday:

The girls did a little cookie decorating with a friend.

And had a healthy snack to balance off the frosting and sprinkles... (thank you Pinterest)

Hubby set up a tire swing "for the kids"

Yup, very believable ;)

I had a few mimosas with a friend & I enjoyed a little of my new favorite beer:

If you are a fan of stouts I think you should give this a shot because it is fantastic.

How was your weekend?

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