Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm a slacker.

Yes, I've been slacking at blogging.  I've mostly been keeping up with reading, but as far as commenting and posting my own--not so much. I'm going to make a valiant effort from now on to post 2x a week.  I'll admit its tougher these days because we have been spending all of our time outside!

I've been keeping my miles under 20/per week, with one longish run (7-8miles) to keep my base.   I have my marathon training plan in hand and I am super excited to start.  I'll be training for 12 weeks and I'm starting my training the second week in July!  I've increased my strength training a whole bunch over the last couple of weeks and tweaked my nutrition a bit so that I can hopefully add some muscle before I began marathon training.  This is really important, as its likely I'll lose a bit of muscle during training.  In order to lose as little as possible I'm going to keep one heavy lifting day in my routine during training and probably 1 or 2 lighter days.   Oh and I'm going to just eat all. day. long.  :)

So today is m birthday...YAY!  And we have a fun weekend planned out.  I started my birthday with a 4 mile run and I'm about to do a crossfit wod called "small"--I am modifying it a bit because I don't have a rower and I'm not going to have time to do the prescribed meters.  So here is my modification:

400m run (should be 1000m row)
50 box jumps
50 burpees
400m run (Should be 800m run)
Repeat 3x

Yes more burpees!  I swear they aren't involved in all of my workouts---I do love them though! :)

So now you're thinking I just think its fun to workout all day on my birthday, but this is not true.  This afternoon we're headed to Boston for my cousins graduation party.  She just graduated from the Police Academy! ROCKSTAR!!!  I'm so proud of her and can't wait to go celebrate.  And then we are headed camping with friends tomorrow night!  I love camping and I'm looking forward to relaxing with a couple of Sam Summers :)

I'll try to add photos in my next post, but for some reason I'm having trouble with it lately! :(

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Any fun weekend plans?


  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy!
    It's a party weekend here too: first a kids' party for my youngest and her class at Monkey Joe's, then a family party for my 10 year old at home.

  2. O wow! I dread the thought of burpees lol. Great toning tool though.