Thursday, July 7, 2011

Take that workout to go

You're heading to the beach for a family vacation and your first thought is excitement, quickly followed by panic and anxiety, how are you going to stay on track with your workouts and nutrition?!  Take a deep breath, with a little bit of planning it will be easy to have fun and stay on track.  I had this happen this past weekend.  We were supposed to be heading out Friday a.m. for a camping trip.  I planned to get in a run and some strength training before we left, and plan to workout one day while we were away.  Perfect, right?  Not so much, we ended up leaving early to go up Thursday night to stay with my brother and (soon to be sis) in law. I could have just gotten frustrated and left my sneakers and workout clothes at home, but I packed 'em up and told myself I'd fit them in somewhere.  I also went online real quick and jotted down Jamie Eason's Plyometric Card Workout.  I'm going to share with you the beach workout that Amanda (soon to be sis in law) and I did while I was away.  It is based on the Jamie Eason's Workout with a couple of our own moves thrown in.  This workout is great.  Its quick and the beach sand adds another level of difficulty to the moves.  Also, you can do it barefoot in your bathing suit if you don't have workout clothes--so there are NO EXCUSES!

complete 15 reps of each exercise and repeat the circuit 2 or 3x

Jump squats
High knees (1 rep=both knee's up)
Jumping Jacks
Mountain climbers(1 rep=both sides)
Butt-kicks (1 rep=both sides)
Bicycle Crunches
Jump Lunges (1 rep=both sides)
Crab Toe Touches (1 rep=both sides)

After you have completed the circuit 2 or 3x immediately do 25 full-burpees.

Follow it up with 10x100m strides in the sand.

The beach workout can be done anywhere, you don't need the sand.  You can combine any combination of moves to make your own workout, just get moving!  Another idea is to get to the park.  You can do sprints/strides in the grass, use the monkey bars to complete pull-ups, use a bench to do box jumps or dips, etc. etc.  Get creative, and get moving on vacation!

Next post I'll cover nutrition on vacation and of course a preview of my first week of marathon training!  Do you have any specific questions/concerns you would like me to cover?